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"Woodlink Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle - 18"""

Made by Audubon


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Product Details

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18"H x 7.5"W x 18"D


"Woodlink Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle - 18""" at a Glance

  • Made of textured powder-coated steel
  • Defeats squirrels every time
  • Easy to install
  • Works with any 5" to 1.38" pole feeder or shepherd hook

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Product Description

Ozbo Swirl

Keep squirrels out of your bird feeder with the Woodlink Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle. This 18-inch baffle attaches right to your pole feeder or shepherd hook and acts as a shield. Squirrels can't get past it, so they can't eat the bird food. Crated from durable powder-coated steel, this baffle installs easily and will keep raccoons out too.

Directions For Use

Ozbo Swirl
Mount 4 to 5' above the ground. No need to remove bird feeder when mounting. Secure black coupler (included) around any .5" to 1.38" pole or shepherd hook. Baffle snaps apart with inward pressure on each side of the seam.

"Woodlink Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle - 18""" Reviews

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Will Work If Up High Enough -


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Written on 5/11/2013 by

103 out of 203 people found this helpful

I have a 6 foot sheepard hook. I had the baffle up 3 foor and don't you know the squirrel could jump over that height. I've raised it to 4 ft and now they are about even. Some of the time he can clear the height, other times not. The baffle works you just need to get it past the point where these little guy's can't jump past.

Large Diameter

They do show bird poop

Protect against squirrels raiding your bird feeders

Critter Stopper -


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Written on 12/27/2013 by

73 out of 159 people found this helpful

Works great and is durable. I used a plastic squirrel baffle before and a strong wind broke it.

Strong and durable

Bracket Needs longer screws to work.

Keeping squrrels out of bird feeder.

Squirrel Baffle -


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Written on 5/9/2014 by

45 out of 94 people found this helpful

Great product didn't give it a 5 star because it doesn't clip shut

Keeps the squirrels and chipmunks baffled

Doesn't clip shut


Great Product -


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Written on 5/21/2014 by

42 out of 79 people found this helpful

This is an excellent product. It is made of heavy gauge metal. My feeders are hanging from the patio roof so I set the baffle over the feeder, with it resting on the top dome and use an "S" hook to connect the feeder through the baffle hole to the chain. My problem was not squirrels but rodents and this baffle keeps them out of the food. I was so happy with the results that originally I had bought one and it worked so well that I bought a second one. Highly recommend.

Heavy Metal

No Cons

To deter squirrels and rodents

Woodlink Audubon Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffle - 18 -


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Written on 7/10/2014 by

27 out of 55 people found this helpful

I bought two for my 1/4 inch diameter Shepperd's-hook style poles that I hang my bird feeders on. The squirrels can't get past them.

Easy to assemble


Looks nice

No Cons

Keeps the squirrels away from the bird food

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