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"Heavy-Weight Overhead Trolley Exerciser For Dogs, 100 Ft."

Made by Four Paws


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Product Details

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100 ft.


"Heavy-Weight Overhead Trolley Exerciser For Dogs, 100 Ft." at a Glance

  • Allows dogs to run and play
  • For dogs over 50 lbs.
  • Rust-proof and weather resilient
  • Includes 10 ft. pulley lead

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Product Description

Ozbo Swirl

Give your dog some room to roam. With Four Paws Heavy-Weight Trolley Exerciser, your furry friend will have more space to safely explore his surroundings. This overhead system lets your dog travel along the 100-ft. cable, secured by a 10-ft. pulley lead. Your pal will love the extra freedom, and you'll enjoy the peace of mind.

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Written on 8/18/2014 by

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I had about 130 ft. between two trees, so I added a section of poly rope to each end which also provides a little more cushion. The cable that goes from the trolley to the dog was only 10 ft. , so I replaced it with a 25 ft. cable. My dog loves it. It shows no signs of wear except a little rust on the swivel that attaches to the trolley wheel. Aside from that, I would rate it five stars.




Slight rust on the swivel

Giving your dog extra freedom

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