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Chew Proof Sm An High Rise

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Product Details

Ozbo Part #:

Manufacturer Part #:






For 10 Gallons

Chew Proof Sm An High Rise at a Glance

  • Ready to assemble chew proof small animal high rise
  • Made of durable powder coated wire and it also includes safe mesh ramps and shelves
  • Converts any 10 gallon aquarium to high rise
  • Roof top door
  • 3 levels

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Product Description

Ozbo Swirl
Small Animal High Rise 10Gl Bll 21X11X - Part #: 338


Ozbo Swirl
Galvanized Metal Wire Powder Coated (Non-Toxic) Black.

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Chew Proof Small Animal High Rise -


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Written on 1/30/2014 by

23 out of 48 people found this helpful

I bought this for pet rats because it's deemed chew proof. That's all well and good except that it isn't break proof. While assembling the cage a rung snapped, producing a one-inch opening.

Great Concept

Broke While Assembling

Small Animals If It Wouldn't Break

Great For Reptiles Too -


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Written on 1/20/2014 by

23 out of 58 people found this helpful

I use it for my burrowing snakes I fill the 10 gallon up with dirt and still maximize space in my cage




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