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Tetra Color Tropical Flakes - 7.06-Ounce - 1-Liter @

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Tetra Color Tropical Flakes - 7.06-Ounce - 1-Liter

Made by Tetra


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7.06 Ounces

Tetra Color Tropical Flakes - 7.06-Ounce - 1-Liter at a Glance

  • Available in 7.06oz, 1L container

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Product Description

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This color enhancer is a wonderful supplement to the diet of any tropical fish. TetraColor Flakes promote beautiful color in all tropical fish, and can be fed daily, alternating with Spirulina foods and treats. Vitamin C enriched.

Tetra Color Tropical Flakes - 7.06-Ounce - 1-Liter Reviews

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Written on 6/20/2013 by

28 out of 55 people found this helpful

I use these flakes twice a day to feed my tropical fish, and they love it. Makes a great staple food, with other food added as treats now and then. Once in awhile, I tried other flakes to see which my fish preferred. These flakes won every time. These flakes are fairly large, but easily crumble, making them ideal for any size fish.

Accomodate any size fish; fish love them


Regular feeding for all tropical fish

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