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Cat Tails Scented Cat Litter - 25 Pound Bag @

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Cat Tails Scented Cat Litter - 25 Pound Bag

Made by American Colloid Co


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25 Pound

Cat Tails Scented Cat Litter - 25 Pound Bag at a Glance

  • Premium litter made from 100% Fuller's earth ground clay
  • soaks up its weight in moisture
  • Scented and Unscented formulas available!

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Product Description

Ozbo Swirl
Cat box litter with deodorizing fragrance crystals dual action odor control.


Ozbo Swirl
100% Fullers Earth Ground Clay All Natural No Chemicals

Cat Tails Scented Cat Litter - 25 Pound Bag Reviews

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Great Price For A Generic Litter. -


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Written on 6/19/2013 by

38 out of 78 people found this helpful

I gave this brand a shot and it is just a good basic litter. It is mostly clay-like and has large particles. It absorbs moisture well but does an average job on order. The price however can't be beat.




Does not cover odor well.

Pet litter boxes.

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Ozbo Swirl

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